Quality in Endoscopy: Upper GI endoscopy & neoplasia

Upper GI endoscopy & neoplasia symposium report

The third Quality in Endoscopy symposium concentrated on upper GI endoscopy and neoplasia. Leaders in this field alongside young rising stars from nine different countries deliberated on the most pressing and timely topics through lectures, debates, and case presentations. Vivid discussions ensued amongst the two hundred participants stemming from 34 different countries.  Beside poster presentations, this year for the first time participants also submitted clinical cases and seven young participants from Russia, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Brazil presented their cases at the meeting.

This combination of teaching activities was well received and the enthusiastic feedback shown in a survey held after the meeting indicates that expectations were met and, in most cases, were exceeded.

The first day began with discussion on general questions, such as the indications for upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, recommendations on how it should be performed, and the minimal requirements for reporting neoplastic lesions.  After “normal” examination had been defined, the group went on to explore the detection and management of pre-neoplastic and cancerous lesions in the esophagus and stomach. The symposium ended with tentative recommendations for follow-up after treatment.

ESGE and ESDO are presently developing a position statement on upper GI endoscopy and neoplasia and these recommendations will provide the basis for this publication, planned to appear in Endoscopy in 2014.

Mário Dinis-Ribeiro, Portugal
Symposium Scientific Committee

Images of the Quality in Endoscopy Upper GI Endoscopy & Neoplasia Symposium

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